Start of vacation

Plan for today: file the grades I finished yesterday, then take it a little easy this morning (what? seriously? yes, I know, that’s weird for me, but technically this is the first day of my vacation, and I feel like I ought to vacate for a little of it).
At 9:30 we go to the school for a team meeting for Anand; he’s doing better at acclimating to the school environment in many ways (they’ve decided he doesn’t need to meet with the social work group every Wednesday anymore), but he does still need a set of accommodations to be happy there (headphones to block the noise of the loud lunchroom, for example, and motor breaks twice a day to get his wiggles out), some fidgets at his desk and a wiggle seat. I appreciate that the school has been willing to work with his needs there. Anand’s also less involved in the classroom than they would like (more in his own head and less participatory). I’m honestly not so worried about that; I think any learning he’s missing, he’ll catch up on fine on his own in the next year or so. But we’ll talk to them, see what they say.
From 12-2, Franki‘s coming by to work with me; I’m paying her a bit (now that’s she graduated, yay!) to be my editorial assistant and help me get through my backlog of work. She’s currently working on formatting the cookbook; I don’t think it’ll be quite done by Christmas, but we’re getting close. If I can hand that and Survivor to Steve by end of year, I’ll be very relieved. While she’s working on that, I’m going to try to finalize the Survivor TOC order and write an intro to the book.
And after that, relax for the rest of the day, read a little, do some holiday cooking, maybe watch tv with Kevin if he’s not too busy. We started Westworld, but haven’t gotten past the first episode yet. And we got only a few episodes into Jessica Jones, and haven’t even started Luke Cage. And I’ve only watched the first episode of Strange Things so far… #holidaygoals

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