Goals for Today

Pancakes for breakfast, two loads of laundry, get various plants in the ground (belatedly), water all the house plants, knit some more rows on Natalia’s sweater, clean up the mudroom, attend a housewarming this evening. I had vague plans to make it to both Fandemonium in Berwyn and PocketCon downtown, but honestly, I am too tired. I could do it, but what I really want to spend this Saturday doing is puttering around the house, putting it in order. So mote it be.

11:50 update: ┬áPancakes made and eaten, mudroom clear, two loads of laundry washed, various political threads obsessed over. Next, knitting and tv for a bit (working through Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is…uneven, but vaguely entertaining for background while doing chores, and I was particularly amused by the coming out song about being bisexual in season 1, episode 14). Then gardening, I think. Unglamorous gardening — I have a bunch of ground cover to put in, Japanese spurge and periwinkle.

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