Just a quick note that I’ve signed up with a personal trainer for once a week sessions for the next three months. I seriously winced at the cost, but one consequence of the whole cancer thing is that I am trying to prioritize health-related spending over almost everything else one might spend money on. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”

And while I *can* exercise on my own, I know from the time I had a personal trainer before (many years ago, for three months), that it really helps me stay motivated if I can externalize my willpower. If I have appointments to go to, if I have someone to check in with, to keep me honest, I’m much more likely to actually do the exercise I intend to do. (I already walk about 10K steps a day in the normal course of my life, so I’m trying to kick it up a notch from that.)

I’m not planning to change my diet much — a little less carb, a bit more protein and fiber. Mostly, daily exercise, including weights. Goals: increase cardio fitness, get stronger, lose fifteen pounds by the end of the year. Should be eminently do-able. Eventually, I’d like to find a competitive sport to play — soccer or racquetball or tennis. Can I turn myself into a sporty person in my mid-40s? I intend to try.

The first workout with Justin went well today. If by ‘well,’ you mean that he turned my legs into noodles. I almost fell down the stairs trying to walk down them after the session. I’d never have pushed myself so hard on my own — I would have quit at least a dozen kettle bell squats earlier.

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