Don’t trust the photos…

It’s been a rough week, despite the charming (somewhat misleading) photos and the pleasant conversations with relatives and friends. Pajaro Dunes was just too cold for me — the weather forecast said highs of 70, which seemed on the cool side, but it ended up being highs of 64 or so, which was just kind of ridiculous for mid-August, and I did not pack warm enough clothes for that. My own fault, I suppose. And about two days in, I caught a cold, so my head has been throbbing and my throat aching. I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself, and mostly holed up in the bedroom for most of the time, most days, under covers, trying to get work done. Not exactly a vacation.
The children managed to have a good time, at least, and I’m delighted they got some bonding time with their cousins, even if it was too cold for them to go in the water past their knees. Probably my favorite aspect of the dunes was taking photos of them in such a picturesque setting. They are all four so ridiculously beautiful and full of vibrant life. They won’t remember the cold, or the tired, tetchy moments; they’ll remember so much fun and laughter with their relatives. I’m awfully fond of my cousins (and glad to have so very many of them!); it’s so nice that our kids get along well with theirs.
We’re back in Los Gatos now; Jed and Shannon came down for lunch, and I’d hoped to work in a cafe for the afternoon, but was feeling too wiped, so came back to the house. Jed stayed long enough for me to quickly teach him Chez Geek, so that was fun. Will I have energy enough for dinner out? We’ll see. Flying back to Chicago tomorrow afternoon.

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