I worked on computer stuff all day yesterday, and got lots done, but also ended the day cranky and tired. Am going to try to intersperse a bit more yard work, laundry, etc. today. But I also have a lot to do — feeling time pressure with the end of summer fast approaching.
Plan for today — water the garden, get the kids breakfast, supervise some high school students who are helping me with weeding, drop the kids at camp, drop off things at UPS, deposit SLF donation check, send SLF grant and Jaggery checks, catch up on Tremontaine, answer at least 25 e-mails (I’m under 100 now, and aiming for Inbox Zero by start of semester), spend a few hours reading Survivor subs, pick up stuff Anand forgot at his old camp, pick up kids from camp, make dinner, stop working.

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