Words Words, day 2

Heading into day 2 of critiquing at the novel workshop. The food continues excellent (it matters, people — it’s hard to work well on a sad stomach), the company smart and convivial. I’m resisting the urge to dive into revisions of the novel — I have taken copious notes re: their responses to the first 50 pages, but it’ll be on Sunday that I get crit on the full novel, so I should wait for that, at least.
Tonight, I’m going to send out the manuscript as it stands to those people who have been beta-reading for me so far, in case any of them have time to read and send comments by 8/7 — I’m hoping to start revising on 8/8, when I’ll have two weeks before the semester starts. If you’d like to read in the next week and give me feedback, PM me your e-mail; your name will be immortalized in the acknowledgements, should the book actually make it to print. 🙂

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