Huh. Well, I wrote and revised my 4000 words for today, to get to the end of Part II — and discovered in the process that I probably need one more chapter. DANGIT. It doesn’t really matter, but I wanted to finish up the weekend with sending the book out to first readers, so I could dedicate the next three days to Tremontaine drafting (it’s all outlined) with a clear head. Well.

More realistic version: draft actual last chapter Monday morning, then take the rest of the day off (there are groceries to get, things to mail, etc.) to clear my head, and come back to Tremontaine on Tuesday. All right then. (And this is why we build buffers into the schedule. I only *need* two days for first draft of the Tremontaine chapter (which is due at the end of Wednesday).)


“I can’t say I’m surprised by any of it,” Raj said. “But that’s actually not our biggest problem right now.”

“People are *dying* from this disease,” Maya said.

“I’m sure they are. But you may have noticed the bombs exploding? Large sections of the city being destroyed? The fact that our planet is in the midst of a cultural crisis?”


Raj can be a bit of a snarky ass sometimes. But I still love him.

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