4000 per day

Okay, I’ve now uploaded a vast array of photos that have been living on my phone, check, planted most of the plants I meant to get in the ground today, check, and written a thousand words and revised another thousand, demi-check. I’d still like to get 2K written before bed.
Then I need to pick up the pace for writing over the next few weeks, as I have three separate deadlines coming up on or before July 1. 26K for novel + 12K for Tremontaine + 12K for Wild Cards = 50K in two weeks. About 4000 words / day.
These are all drafts! They can be bad. But I would rather they weren’t, so, turning off Facebook for 24 hours again. I’m probably going to be mostly off the internet for the next two weeks, because apparently, that’s the only way I get much writing done. The internet — delightful, seductive, destroyer of productivity.

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