Last day

Kids are off for the last day of school, whee! Have successfully remembered to pack them sack lunches, include a water bottle, dress them in class colors of blue and purple, respectively, and make sure they had tennis shoes on their feet for Olympic Day. Olympic Day is, I think, the teacher’s acknowledgement that it is totally pointless trying to get the kids to do any academic work today, and I respect and salute them for their decision to let the entire school run around on the playground for the day instead.
Plan for today: 8 a.m. echocardiogram (totally routine, follow-up to make sure my heart’s still doing fine after the year of chemo and radiation), then two hours of writing. At 11, Adam (college student worker) is coming by to help me clean out the garage. Planning to work on that for about two hours, then writing again. When I get burned out on writing, either tackle basement clean-up some more (I did an hour’s worth yesterday, but there’s much more to do), or assemble sandbox. That’s basically it for the day. Clean and write, write and clean.

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