Summer Schedule

Today is the first day in a string of unscheduled summer days that drift hazily in front of me like a vision. And I know that if I am not careful, they will disappear into a Facebook / internet fog, and I will end the summer bitter and angry at myself.
7:30 – 9: Relax, watch tv, and straighten up the messy house
9 – 3: actual work-day, turn off Facebook and deal with e-mail and hopefully writing (I am allowed to garden in small bursts in between stretches of computer time, as it is good both body and mind; bonus points if I think about plot while weeding…)
3 – 9: hang with family, read, garden (and clean up more if needed).
9 – 11; either write a bit more, if feeling motivated, or spend time with Kevin.
Schedule today, and probably for most of the summer. If you see me on Facebook between 9 – 3 this summer, feel free to shoo me away. I have books to write…

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