I’m posting these pics of me in starry dress (she’s full of stars!), taken a few days ago, in honor of getting back to writing the SF novel. Lori is here to write with me, and I’m diving back into the novel full force.
The goal is to have a full draft by mid-June, because it’s due to a novel workshop then. Deadlines = useful. I may not get much done in the next two weeks, as we finish up the semester, but I want to at least start. And once the semester is over, it’s all-novel, all the time. (Well, with a few breaks to switch to Tremontaine as needed.)
If I actually make that mid-June deadline, I’m scheduling two weeks at the end of June for actual vacation. Resting, reading. It’s easy for an academic summer to get so swallowed up with the work that you’ve been too busy to get to all school year, that one doesn’t do any resting. I’m going to try to avoid that this time around!
Here we go…IMG_4321 IMG_4364

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