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Help? We’re getting ready to transition to my new website, a redesign that’s a decade in coming. The new site will a) be mobile-friendly, and b) have a WordPress blog that I can hopefully more easily update while also updating Facebook, etc.

If you have time, can you glance at the site and tell me if you see anything broken? (I can already see that it’d be nice if the auto-link Facebook generated came up with something better than what it’s currently doing.)

Do you think it’d work to change the first category to SF/F instead of writing out Science Fiction and Fantasy? Is there a better term than Mainstream Lit for the second category?

The header is a placeholder, so don’t worry about that — Jack Kotz is working on some cool art for me.

7 thoughts on “Website Redesign”

    1. Depends on what you mean by “archives”. Probably the best option for viewing old posts at this point is to use the very long list of months down at the bottom of the page. But unfortunately, in the new journal, there isn’t currently a way to get a list of posts for a given month in date/link/excerpt format the way you could in the old journal. For example, here’s the view of all of February 2016 from the old journal:

      And here’s the view of that month from the new journal:

      In the latter case, if you want to start at February 1 and read forward, you have to go to that page, scroll down, click “Older Posts”, and then scroll down to the bottom of the other page. So it’s not nearly as convenient for reading through the archives, unfortunately.

      Of course, if you don’t want to comment on old entries, you can continue (for now, anyway) to read the old archives; they’re still online.

      At some point, I hope to put together a view that looks more or less like the first link above, listing entries in a very compact way. (Maybe there’s already a plugin that does that.) But that won’t happen for a while yet.

      1. Okay, I now see the months listed below in the footer. Didn’t scroll down that far, so I didn’t see it earlier.

  1. It would be awesome for you to put an update notification in the old RSS feed, if it is possible, to tell folks like me to update their feeds! I thought of it today since I was reviewing all my feeds but other people might need a nudge. 🙂

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