Cancer log 156: Quick…

Cancer log 156: Quick note that all was well at oncologist check-up -- no problems noted on breast exam. I go back to see her again in nine weeks; it would be annoying to have to go in so often except that a) I really like my oncologist and b) right now, I still find it reassuring, checking in with her. Next round of Herceptin this Thurs. Mammogram and echocardiogram on March 1, hopefully totally uneventful.

Follow-up with surgeon and consult with plastic surgeon to discuss possibility of reconstruction on March 7. Totally unsure whether I want reconstruction, but figure it's worth a) having the conversation, and b) finding out what insurance will cover.

Side note: Got many smiles from the little old lady patients with silver hair at cancer hospital; I think they liked the blue in my hair. A few days ago, one little old lady at the grocery store, whom I was leaning past to get something out of a freezer case, exclaimed to her little old lady friend about how great my hair was. :-)

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