Cancer log 148: This…

Cancer log 148: This isn't a New Year's resolution, exactly, but it's close enough. During the year of cancer treatment Kevin and I played a little fast and loose with our finances -- we're fine, but we definitely spent more than we'd normally budget for. Small indulgences, mostly, to help get through the year more easily -- more takeout than normal, pretty clothes for me to pick up my mood (usually from the second-hand shop, so not too pricey, but still -- it accumulates). I'm honestly feeling a little overwhelmed with 'stuff' right now.

So I think in January (and probably February, and maybe even March), I'm going to try to do a bit of a consumerist fast. Avoid shopping except for essentials, cook (and simple dishes too) instead of eating out. Let the budget (and my body / soul) recover a bit. I may still have sushi on the day (once every three weeks) when I have to go in for my infusion, and I'm allowed to sign up for more gym classes as desired. Health is a priority! But otherwise, rest. Good for soul, good for the pocketbook. :-)

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