Cooked so far for party:…

Cooked so far for party: black deviled pig (curried pork), fungal infestation (curried mushrooms), curried carrots (haven't come up with a good name yet), roasted beets (ditto), hellfire spuds (seriously spicy potato curry), lentil curry (needs name!).

Quick run to the store for ingredients, and then kale salad (name?) and maybe fish curry if I have time (It Came From the Deep). Plus rice, of course. Also serving meatballs and mac-and-cheese for the kids (or whomever doesn't like curries), plus various frozen appetizers to be heated up.

Aiming to be done with main dish cooking by 1, and on to icing cookies. Less elaborate than in previous years, though -- my main goal is to get icing on each cookie. :-) I'm planning to enlist Kavya in aid of that this time around.

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