Morning, peeps. Plan for…

Morning, peeps. Plan for today (I'm mostly thinking out loud here):

- review to-do list, accept that my plan to grade papers today was unreasonably optimistic; move paper-grading to Monday, feel sense of accomplishment!
- go into garden and plant flat of lamium (look at me, responsibly planting lots of slightly boring groundcover, like I should've done five years ago!), along with two Japanese anemone and two amethyst centaurea (my reward for the responsible lamium-planting)
- finish writing half-done short story, hopefully!
- be here from 10 - 12 for the window / gutter guys, who will clean inside and out, brightening the whole house for the winter - more sunlight!
- have lunch here with Roshani​? (leftover Ethiopian, yum)
- at noon, go get my replacement driver's license (lost it, argh)
- if time, mail belated books to Angeline​ (it's going to happen this week, come hell or high water) - be back by 2:15 to meet kids at bus (early day)
- read more of _The Godfather_ (book research). I can't say I'm loving the prose, but the characterization is actually really compelling and very efficiently done; he gets you caught up in these people's lives in a remarkably small space of words

Sometimes, this writer life, it's pretty good.

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