Churned through a…

Churned through a hundred e-mails (about ten boomeranged to come back later today, because they need more thought / time; I love the boomerang function). Planted snowdrops, teeny blue bulbs, and allium bulgaricum in the same vaguely paisley-shaped trench (the alliums somewhat lower), near the front door. It's a shady spot that the hose tends to go through, so there's nothing planted there, but early in the year, it'll be sunny, before the trees leaf out, and I shouldn't be watering yet when the alliums bloom -- that's the theory, anyway. We'll see how it works next spring. :-)

Snack, a couple phone calls, running some kids' clothes over to the Parenthesis drop-off (neighborhood secondhand sale), then another hundred e-mails and planting the daffodils and tulips. Then grading in the afternoon; also need to do my drawing homework today, mustn't forget. Class tonight.

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