Plan for today — see if…

Plan for today -- see if I can muster the energy for a Target run. The kids need school supplies, I have something to return there, and Anand is going to have his last day of preschool this week -- I want to pick up something for his teacher. (He has one main teacher, and then a couple of floating aides -- not sure best way to handle that? They're in and out of all the classrooms, so I'm not even sure which ones usually work with him. And then there are all the staff -- I'm thinking maybe a muffin basket?)

That is pretty much it for goals, and I wouldn't even try to do that, if Jed weren't still visiting and able to drive me. So tired of being debilitated. And tomorrow is the last MRI, which I admit, I'm sort of dreading -- not the MRI itself, which I will hopefully nap through, but the injection of contrast. I am just SO tired of needle sticks, I can't tell you. I swear, I'm developing -- not a phobia, exactly, but some real resistance to them, and maybe a bit of dread. It doesn't really make any sense -- it's not as if they're getting worse or anything, but somehow, I just hate them more and more.

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