Plan for the day — with…

Plan for the day -- with chemo coming on Wed, I'm now in 'get everything done mode'. It's a little stressful, but so it goes. No need to read the rest of this, just thinking out loud so I don't forget anything important

  • read / proof the current issue of Jaggery, launching later today (done)
  • get kids fed and dressed and to school
  • send out Jaggery checks (I *will* accomplish payment on publication this issue. Someday, I'd like to manage payment on acceptance...)
  • talk to Mike and get him started on various home repairs
  • be on campus by 11 to sign some paperwork (contract, student independent study form)
  • copy syllabi and readings for first two weeks of classes
  • return stuff to Oakbrook
  • get soil and mulch
  • take car for emissions check, also annual maintenance
I think I can get it all done by 5. We'll see.

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