Nebula schedule:

Saturday 3:00-4:00: Diversity in Short FictionOne of the pieces of advice writers are given for avoiding tropes is to have more than one representative in a story, This gets challenging in a small cast. The panel will look at how to create a diverse world even within the confines of a short story. Panelists: Anatoly Belilovsky (M), Catherine Lundoff, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Neil Clarke, Alyssa Wong

Saturday 4:00-5:00: Editing DiversityEditors talk about the importance of a balanced table of contents, both in terms of content creators and the protagonists of the story. Panelists: John Joseph Adams, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Joe Monti (M), Michael Thomas, Sheila Williams

Sunday 2:00-3:00: Colonialism, Cultural Appropriation and Fairy TalesBefore writing begins, a writer can find themselves already in trouble when the idea at the core of their story is problematic. This panel will discuss how to spot trouble before you even begin writing by looking at historical examples of colonialism, cultural appropriation, and fairy tales and the narrative challenges associated with them. Panelists: Matthew Johnson, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Rachel Swirsky

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