Stunningly lovely day…

Stunningly lovely day today, and I think I'm finally (at least mostly) over the effects from last Thursday's not-chemo. Which means I get to spend today alternating dealing with e-mail (backlogged, necessary) and puttering in my garden.

I mostly have weeding and mulching to do, which is not the most exciting thing ever, but Adam and Jed will be helping, so it should go quickly. And I do get to plant my dahlias and hanging baskets this week, so that's exciting. I would normally have risked a frost and done both weeks earlier, but with all the traveling, they needed to wait.

Dinner last night included salad from the garden. Kavya: "Mommy, there's a flower in your salad!" "Yes, it's the kind of flower you can eat." She was nonplussed. :-)

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