Accountability and…

Accountability and reminder to myself, because I'm feeling scattered and harried -- here are the things I need to do this week. I finished my big grading for one class; I need to do about four hours of reading / crits for my other class to get caught up (tomorrow morning, hopefully). I have to prep and teach my three days of classes this week. I need to schedule my IUD removal (shouldn't have a hormonal IUD during chemo, dammit, so need it out soonish). I need to take me and the kids to the dentist on Wednesday, joy. I need to draft my WisCon Chronicles intro soon, so people can read it and give me feedback -- I have to get the final to Aqueduct by the 10th, which is Friday.

This is the last busy week -- after this, I've finished most of my heavy-duty academic / professional responsibilities for the next five months, so after a few final weeks of classes and giving final grades, I can concentrate on a) writing, and b) getting through treatment.

I am looking forward to lots of time just lying in bed thinking about my novel, and/or lying in bed and watching murder mysteries. The people in those shows, their lives are so much more terrible than mine. It's very comforting.

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