Today I was go, go, go….

Today I was go, go, go. Got up at 5, graded papers, ran errands, played with Kavi and supervised her cleaning (spring break for her), graded more papers, ran more errands, came home, started dinner, got Anand, cooked dinner -- and then, I hit a wall. I have four more papers to grade today, if I don't want to have to get up early tomorrow to finish them. I don't want to get up early tomorrow to finish them. But I think I have to sit in this chair watching Star Trek for half an hour more before I have any hope of being able to face grading.

(This is the last big batch of papers 'til the end of the semester, and the great thing about end of semester papers is that you don't have to write comments on them, so they're much easier to grade. So really, this is the last hard thing for school this semester. Thank all the merciful gods and little fishes.)

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