Managed not to fall into…

Managed not to fall into pool for Locus massive group photo, then had delightful lunch with E. J. Fischer​, John Chu​, and Max Gladstone​. Resolved to read Max's books soonest, as everyone is telling me they're fabulous, and I have been watching too much tv this past year (or three) and not reading all the fabulous books my friends are writing, boo me. I have nothing against tv, but I am not a tv writer (yet, anyway), and this is my field, and I should be reading it.

Then grabbed laptop and settled down in bar to write for a bit -- slightly sidetracked by running into Shaun Duke​, whom I haven't seen in months, so we talked cancer and postcolonial lit. and politics in genre more generally, but now he's wandered off and I'm going to write for another hour, I swear. Or two. I am fortified with the hotel's Yorkshire tea. "Let's have a proper brew," as the slogan says. I am such an Anglophile; I would drink it for that alone.

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