Kavya and I were…

Kavya and I were gardening when this beauty arrived in the mail; forgive my unkemptness, but I was so excited, I had to try it on right away. Do you remember that I set up a Patreon page, so people could donate $1 / month to support my writing? Specifically, the cancer logs and poems, at least for now. Well, I currently have 21 patrons, pledging $37 / month (some pledged a bit more than $1), and I took the Jan / Feb funds and bought this gorgeous silk shawl from Shovava.

I fell in love with her owl shawl first, actually, a few years ago, and am hoping to buy a heavier version of it some fall, but it's spring now, and this silk butterfly seemed perfect for the season. Kavi helped me pick it out from her site. I'll be wearing it to my first chemo treatment (I hear they're cold?), and also to conventions (conference hotels are often over-air-conditioned). Wrapping myself in your warmth.

Thank you so much, patrons, for your support! Hope you're liking the writing so far -- more to come soon.

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