Cancer log 19: Home…

Cancer log 19:

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. It is oddly tiring, talking to doctors for five hours. (With big gaps -- VERY glad I brought my laptop with, and was able to get some work / goofing off done.) Have stuffed myself with pita and hummus, and am now going to peel off these clothes (and yes, dressing up a bit made me feel better in the meetings -- even when I was in a patient robe, having my hair and make-up done (and cute socks) made me feel a bit more secure -- no idea if it had any effect on the medical personnel).

I'm going to go with Loyola. More on that in another entry soon, but mostly, it is because they seem more thorough. The fact that they started calling me Dr. Mohanraj after learning I was a professor had nothing to do with it. (I'm going to have to break them of that, but it was pretty amusing.) And the phlebotomist really loved my hair, so that was nice. She also loved my accent, which she seemed to think was British -- I think my childhood accent comes out a bit more under stress, and it was definitely slightly British-inflected, from my parents' accent, plus, of course, a strong strain of New England. The Midwest has flattened it out quite a bit, but according to her, she could listen to me talk all day. Way to a girl's heart, even if you're about to poke her with a big needle.

The Loyola docs have revamped my plans for next week, which now include another MRI on Tuesday, and then a bone scan, CT scan, and BRCA testing on Wednesday, to be followed EITHER by a biopsy OR a follow-up meeting with doctors. (They are, as I said, very thorough.) So no chemo next week; possibly the week after. I'm allowed to fly post-chemo, (hooray!), but have been told to wear a mask on the plane, just in case, because of the re-circulated air. That'll be...interesting.

I have done very little today, and yet, I am exhausted and ready to fall down. Luckily, I can go do just that, since Kevin is perfectly capable of feeding the children and putting them to bed. And so I will. Or rather, I will fall into my very very comfy bed and pull the covers up and watch HOURS of silly superhero tv.

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