Woke up at 4 a.m.,…

Woke up at 4 a.m., cranky. I had planned to go get some (non-urgent) fasting bloodwork done at 8 this morning, but the prospect of not eating for four hours, not even drinking tea, is frankly beyond me. I agree with my doctor that it would be nice to get a baseline on all these various and sundry numbers, but it is going to have to wait until a day when I wake up at 7 instead of 4. Will take another stab at it Thursday. (Stab at it. Ha, ha, she said hollowly. Must remember to tell phlebotomist that one. Am sure it will *prick* his funny bone.)

Had my little bagel with lox, tomato, capers, and a first cup of tea. Felt marginally more cheerful, and spent a while putting all the various WisCon Chronicles files into the master document. Now on to the second cup of tea -- now that I have a total word count, I can send the last set of acceptances (and sadly, rejections). The one good thing about waking up ridiculously early is that there are no distractions for working. (In moments, my children will awake and demand food for their rapacious maws.)

Thanks to everyone for their patience. If you've submitted something and haven't heard from me by 9 CST today, please feel free to query -- things do get lost in e-mail on occasion!

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