Brief diet / exercise…

Brief diet / exercise note: With counting calories and walking and the help of the Fitbit / Aria scale as trackers, I've lost 3.5 pounds in three weeks. I'm really pleased about this, because it's taken me back over my own personal threshold -- there's a specific, consistent weight at which I no longer like the way my face looks in photos, and now I'm back on the other side of that. Which is why I wasn't completely freaked out about having an author photo shoot today; we'll see how the pics come out! I've been mildly hungry some of the time, but it hasn't been bad. Today I'm taking a rest day, both because I overexerted myself a bit with the excessive 17,000 steps yesterday (didn't plan on that many -- it's just how the day worked out), and because Roshani brought over her delectable pork curry, and one should not restrict the calories when offered that! My goal for today is just to maintain; I think giving myself small, reasonable breaks from calorie restriction is essential for cheerful state of mind, and maybe also helps keep the body from switching into some kind of weird starvation mode where it tries to hang onto every bit of extra fat against what is clearly an imminent apocalypse....okay, I may be completely off base here. I have no science to back that last part up! But it feels good. It felt good to eat lightly and walk a lot the last few weeks; it felt good to eat normally and rest some today. That's a lot of what's guiding my decisions right now -- what do I do that makes my body feel good? Check out the following link-https://digitalhealthpost to reach your weight loss goals. (Not just my mouth. My mouth is not to be trusted.) (Okay, I didn't mean that to come out dirty, but ah well...)

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