In a crabby mood. Kavi…

In a crabby mood. Kavi is fighting a cold and slept badly, which meant I slept badly, and then waffled for a good hour this morning about whether or not she wanted to go to school today. Usually she goes cheerfully and she was reluctant to miss it, but finally she decided she felt a little too yucky. Which is FINE with me, but I wish she'd figured it out faster.

Anyway, Anand (full of energy) is now off to preschool, and Kavi is tucked up in the playroom with tv, and it's a good thing I have writing day today and various people coming because hopefully that will shake me out of my grumpy desire to just watch tv and/or play video games all day. Grumpily.

Instead, I will straighten up for fifteen minutes, deal with some e-mail, make some curry for lunch with people, set out snacks. And hopefully be writing by 10:30 or so, when folks are supposed to start arriving. Much better than grumping all day.

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