Kavya: This is the best…

Kavya: This is the best night ever!

MA: Aren't you tired? (It is now a good hour past bedtime, as we prep for Anand's morning balloon and present surprise.)

Kavya: It's just SO EXCITING! I think I'll never be tired. I could do this all night!

I think Kavi has inherited the Mohanraj party-planning gene full force.

Turns out that it's not as hard to come up with yellow food for your yellow-loving-son's birthday party as one might have thought. I didn't even make the saffron rice with sultanas and cashews. Yellow deviled eggs, of course, Thai yellow curry two ways (once with shrimp, once with beef and potatoes).

Kavi made Anand a fancy card, which she read to him -- she pointed out proudly that she turned the A in his name into a yellow bird (from Angry Birds).

Corn chips with corn salsa, mango salsa, cheese salsa was really good. Yellow bell pepper and yellow tomatoes with dip (and later hummus was added). Lemonade and ginger ale was pretty -- but I made a mistake, I think, adding scoops of vanilla ice cream; it didn't look as good, and wasn't popular with kids or adults. Ah well -- live and learn.

Anand chose to wear his wizard's hat and the yellow tie-dye shirt from Michael's birthday party. At the end of the party, Margot gave Kavya one of her signature goodbye hugs-and-spins.

And at the very end of the party, everyone was playing -- this photo amuses me because you can see Michael and Anand playing Legos, other kids playing a matching card game, and Kat with Settlers of Catan.

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