It’s not too weird that…

It's not too weird that I'm eagerly waiting for it to get light enough outside so that I can go mow the front lawn, right? Right?

(Be reassured -- I have a manual mower, so it is very quiet and the neighbors do not hate me for mowing at 6:30 a.m. It just goes click-click-click-click.)

There is a method to my madness, btw -- it got dark before I could finish planting autumn perennials last night, so I still have some toad lilies, anemone, and asters to get into the ground. I want to water the yard thoroughly after they're in, which means I should mow beforehand, so the grass isn't wet when I'm trying to mow, and I'd wait on mowing, but it's already several days overdue. So mow, then plant, then thoroughly water, all best done before it gets too warm out. And maybe weeding afterwards, when the ground is nice and wet and the weeds are easy to pull. See? It makes sense.

Yes, I know I should be writing.

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