Kat and I were talking…

Kat and I were talking yesterday about how we'd like to have inbox zero, and vaguely mentioned how it'd be nice to be there by noon on every Monday. I am tempted to make that a goal. It's going to take a bit of sustained effort -- I'm currently at 161, so need to dedicate a day or so to clearing those to get to zero. Basing that estimate on two summers ago, when I took weeks to clear the 1000+ messages stacked in my inbox.

Yes, it had gotten really bad. "The inbox is not a to-do list." I need to make that my new mantra. Also, reading on my phone is was a big contributor, because I'd read something, not want to try to one-finger-type a response, and then it gets set aside and semi-forgotten.

Anyway, you may hear more about this project. Feel free to join in. Clearing the massive inbox was a HUGE weight off my shoulders when I did, well worth the investment of time.

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