Garden in the early…

Garden in the early morning, after watering -- I love how the sun glistens on wet stepping stones. Dahlias sometimes look a little like space aliens -- or maybe that's just me? I think this is a hosta flower, or perhaps a tiny lily? Not sure. Another dahlia, this one exuberant in a small vase which almost disappears beneath its petals. Hydrangea, white petals gone green, with knitting. (This last pic from yesterday, before I joined the sleeves to the body.)

LOVE how the first two photos here came out; I think I'm getting better at this plant-photography thing. Allium (unifolium, I think), opening, with hazy neighbor path beyond. Bee and dahlia. Ivy creeping up the little free library post. Pink geraniums brighten our powder room. Hydrangea pinky winky -- those white blossoms should all go pink, later in the season; I like the way it looks, set against the porch colors.

White phlox lights up the border. The groundcovers are still battling it out for supremacy, but the two varieties of ajuga seem to be winning (over artemsia, pulmonaria, lamium, sedum). The morning glory has, for the first day of this summer, more than one bloom on it -- huzzah! Dahlia starburst; the fringed edges are neat. Well, they're messy, but also neat. Tiger lilies are sort of a weed around here, but Anand loves them, so they stay. Also, I'm not sure I could get rid of them if I tried. :-)

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