Cousins build a sand…

Cousins build a sand castle. Kevin found us hermit crabs -- I think this one is staring at me. Anand likes swimming in sand. My heart is a little messy, but heartfelt. Sand castle detail.

Sea wrack and feathers. Miss Maya. I was trying to take a photo of my painted toes, but the water engulfing them is cooler.

Velella, sailor-by-the-sea. Anand is not always smiling, I swear -- but mostly. Maya is intent on her cup of sand and water. A larger view of the big girls' sand castle.

Hermit crab and sand dollar, fascinated Kavya. I am still amused by Anand swimming in sand. Maybe this afternoon, he'll try it in the water instead. :-)

A rare Kevin action shot, as he dives to gather up some of the *thousands* of little critters that were suddenly skittering over his toes; he'd stumbled into a colony of what at first looked like pebbles, but turned out to be tiny crabs (?). He called over his sister, Susan to see, and she was suitably astonished. It feels weird when these little guys are being sloshed over your feet -- vaguely ticklish. Not unpleasant, but startling!

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