Cold medicine is…

Cold medicine is amazing. Also tea. Nose still a bit stuffed up, but head is much less explodey. Kat has driven the big kids to summer camp, and will shortly walk the others to preschool. It is convenient that our kids are at the same places this summer!

My plan for today: read (and straighten up a bit), 10 o'clock Comics Undressed interview here, go to Roshani's for curry lunch and maybe a walk if I feel up to it, pick up some chips and salad for tonight, 1 p.m. phone interview here (I honestly can't remember for what!), rest (nap?) for the afternoon, order pizza and play board games this evening.

It's not a party -- if it were a party, I might cancel it, due to the cold. But a few people over for board games is not a party, so it's totally fine to stick to my original plans. Also, board games will be distracting from the cold, so bonus. And I'm jonesing for some Catan or Pandemic

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