Speech went well, I…

Speech went well, I think. More than one person told me I made them cry, which is always good. And more than one person told me I had a lovely speaking voice, and they liked listening to me tell stories. :-) There was a longish Q&A after, and I think I didn't ramble too much. All around, good.

But here's the thing. I have been running non-stop for at least three weeks, if not much, much longer -- suddenly, I have nothing I have to do from now until 11:15 tomorrow. Granted, I'll be sleeping for eight hours of that time, possibly a bit more. But that still leaves five (5!) unaccounted-for hours. What? Could it be -- the beginning of summer?

There is lots to do in summer, of course. Books to read, gardening, a basement and garage to sort out. A book to write. But none of it has the press of immediacy to it that the last long stretch has had. I feel like I've just been racing from almost-crisis to almost-crisis. Time to slow down and breathe.

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