My friend Kirsten asked…

My friend Kirsten asked if I could PLEASE post photos of the whole garden, front and back yards. I protested that a) I can't get it all into one shot, and b) it's a mess -- all this traveling means I am way behind on weeding and mulching. She insisted, and since we roomed together for two years in college, she has a certain leverage. There are *things* she could reveal, if she were so inclined.

So here you go -- I'm honestly not sure if these are useful to anyone, but perhaps if you're considering layouts for yourself? There's a central diamond of grass (and clover, etc.), bisected by a fake-bluestone (concrete) path. And then large beds on either side, and one in front of the porch too. There's a set of stepping stones on the south side (near the little free library), and I'm planning to add a set of similar stepping stones on the north side (hopefully next week, in fact). And I need to add the solar pump to the little fountain and fill it with water so it burbles again. And lay my drip lines and mulch, so everything has a chance of surviving the summer heat. Next week is the heavy labor in the garden week. After all this typing, it'll be a relief, I think.

The side yard and backyard are going to have to wait until I do at least a little clean-up before posting photos, or I, and my mother, will die of shame. :-)

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  1. Hey! There were no threats – either implied or explicit! Just shameless pleading…

    I don’t know why MaryAnne is so shy about posting them though. The yard is lovely. The overall design is lovely, and it is filling in so well. Some of the flowers don’t photograph so well, especially the lighter, feathery ones, but they must convey such a lovely whispery, floaty feeling in real life. I can imagine how the yard will fill in over the next few years. You’ve done a beautiful job. Even if you are avoiding orange, red and yellow in the front! And you know what a compliment it must be if I like it without those colors!

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