Trying an experiment…

Trying an experiment today -- in my fiction class, we're in between two batches of critiques, and I want them to get some practice in writing in company and in cafes, both things that have been incredibly helpful to me in my writing practice. It may not end up working for them, but it seems worthwhile to expose them to it.

So we're doing a field trip to Artopolis today, a local Greek cafe a block north of campus; I've committed to being here from 10 - 2 (class is 11-12), and they're invited to join me for as much of that time as they want. (They have to at least stop by, because they have the first batch of critiques to hand into me.) I've bought cookies for the class (mmm), and they can buy more food or drink if they want, but it's not necessary, of course.

Will be curious to see what they think of the experience, whether they find it helpful. It often seems that the hardest part of this writer gig is carving out time to actually write; hopefully, this will put a tool in their writerly toolbox. I need to do some e-mail and phone work for a bit, but at 11 I'm planning to turn off the internet for three hours and try to actually write. Model good writerly behavior for the students. :-)

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