Children fed,…

Children fed, lemon-poppyseed cake in the oven, straightened up the kitchen, had a nice natter with Roshani on the phone -- now it's time to work. It may not be an in-class day, but there is still teaching to be done. Must. Educate. :-)

Also, talk the kids into cleaning up yesterday's disaster. We had a really nice time Sunday afternoon, with Elliott and Mike coming over to play board games -- we did one round of Settlers, learned the card game King on the Corner, and played two rounds of Pandemic. (Sadly, the world succumbed to disease both times, but at least we *almost* saved it the second time.)

The five children (adding Elliott's Becca) mostly entertained themselves while we played, which is a great improvement over having smaller kids -- this wouldn't have been possible a year ago, I think. But they did leave a wide swathe of chaos in their wake.

Note: The reviews on that cake are really confusing. It's fine that some people were disappointed to find it's more of a pound cake than a fluffy cake (although, y'know, making it in a loaf pan and putting in that much butter might have given them a clue, but whatever). But there are several people complaining that it is too tart.

It's a *lemon* cake. And they think it's *too* tart? I don't know what that even means. I can't even.

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