I had a moment, getting…

I had a moment, getting ready to leave in a rush for the first day of classes, when I realized we were out of black tea bags, and I had no time to find the strainer and make loose leaf tea (of which we have a plethora of options), and I admit, I may have screamed out [in my head] -- WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS??

But it turns out that my first-day adrenaline was more than sufficient to get me here, and with fifteen minutes to spare, no less (I hadn't been sure how long the commute would take, hence the rush), so that I ended up having time to purchase a large chai latte, which is a rare indulgence, and one that I fully feel I deserve after the morning's trauma. AH. I do feel a bit of mental whiplash, with heaven and hell experienced in the space of a mere mortal hour.

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