I wasn’t particularly…

I wasn't particularly planning to write a year-in-review thing, but I'm so enjoying reading my friends' that I think I'm going to have to do mine too. Maybe tomorrow; I tried to work today, and got through about fifty e-mails and then my brain just melted down. Staying up half the night with a sick kid really cuts into your productivity.

I did manage to help Kavi start her sewing kit present; she's well on her way to sewing a little felt cat, with a real needle and everything. Sharmila also took her to see Frozen again, and now my cousin Shantha is here with her daughter Natalya and they're playing so Kavi has had a pretty good day. Anand was great this morning, but is relapsing now, poor munchkin. Most of us seem to have gotten through this thing in about a day, so I'm hopeful that he'll be past the worst by tomorrow.

Tomorrow we go to my aunt's for a hopper brunch (yay!), and then it's cleaning up, packing up, shipping things that don't fit in the luggage, and then we head home on Sunday. It was good visiting with relatives; it'll be good to be home. I'm a little over-socialized, and Kevin even more so, so Kat, we may mostly ignore you guys for the first few days we're back.

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