I am feeling frustrated…

I am feeling frustrated with the five days lost to family illness, and am going to count blessings to make myself feel better:

- it's warm enough today (shockingly so) that I can have the bedroom windows open to air the room out (sorely needed after the last few days)

- I am feeling somewhat personally recovered; tired, from being up every hour with Kavi last night, and my head is still congested, but also with enough energy to actually do things like go to the store, read Facebook, answer e-mail, do laundry; I am hopeful that I can get our lives back in order today, before the week starts up again

- Kavi seems to be keeping down the ice chips (one every 15 min.) so far

- my life had enough slack in it this past week that I could lose five days of work-time without everything falling apart. This wasn't true for the three solid months previous, which makes me feel as if this cold were perfectly timed to hit us right when we could afford to get sick; it's a little spooky that it's so well-timed, but I think we just have to put that down to the vagaries of preschool contagious diseases

- I read an entire novel that Kevin gave me last Christmas yesterday (_The Warded Man_). He gave me four epic fantasy novels for Christmas last year, and I have now managed to read three of them. At this rate, I might actually read all of them before next Christmas. Although maybe not -- the last one is a ridiculously fat one by Brandon Sanderson. It actually makes my hands tired, holding it up; I got a little ways into it yesterday and then gave up. Although that may be partially the sickness at fault. Also the fact that it had TWO prologues. I mean, c'mon, dude. Calling one a 'prelude' and one a 'prologue' doesn't actually fool anyone. That's as bad as the six endings to film version of The Return of the King...

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