I admit, I find it…

I admit, I find it ridiculously satisfying when someone else reads my work out loud; when actors got together to do a staged reading of one of my plays at one point, I had literal chills running down my back. I was curious how this would work with fiction, so I commissioned Mark Oshiro (of the infamous site "Mark Reads," also known as 'the internet's largest one-man book club') to do a video reading of two of my stories. Mark reacts to the story as he reads it out loud, and frankly, I find the whole thing adorable.

Here's the first one, "The Night Air," the opening to _The Stars Change_. The first two minutes are mostly set-up, so if you want, you can skip to two minutes in or so. Please note, this story has explicit sexual content, and is therefore likely NSFW. Depending on where you work!

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