I have a new work-owned…

I have a new work-owned computer at work, which is good, but I decided to go for a desktop machine (much bigger screen, faster processor) rather than a laptop, and keep my personal laptop (creaky, but still hopefully functional after some upcoming repairs) separate. So I'm thinking that I should think of my personal laptop as the primary machine (it has automatic daily backups already), and the work computer something I download files to temporarily to work on. Make sense? I'm going to have work a little to establish a protocol here, I think.

I'd like to be able to work on files (academic stuff, creative writing, DesiLit / SLF) easily on both machines, without confusion. Jed suggested Dropbox; I'd been thinking USB drive. Both are fine, yes? It makes me nervous, having files live only in the cloud; I want a copy on a machine I own, and then backed up. I am paranoid that way.

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  1. During my PhD, I kept a directory system (papers, course work, articles, etc.) synchronized between laptop, home computer, and school computer using the free version of SyncBack and a USB memory stick. That way I had an on-disk backup copy anywhere. Takes a little discipline to remember to sync before and after you work on a computer!

    David (Reader since ’96)

  2. I love Dropbox! Particularly or that situation (working on files on multiple computers). I am going to start backing up my dropb onto a external Hargrove once a month because like you, I don’t like only having one copy of stuff.

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