I am trying to decide…

I am trying to decide what are essential colors for autumn tights. Dark grey, I think, and deep wine, and forest green, and brown? Yes, this is what my brain has been reduced to. It's been a long week, people; after this difficult decision, I'm going to go watch Scandal. After that and another cup of tea, maybe I'll be awake enough to do real work. Or maybe not. :-)

Also, we're up to 19 RSVPs for the Jaggery launch party, so I will sweeten the pot -- if we get to 30, I will make cupcakes! And even better, I will make the frosting with jaggery! (It will be much like a brown sugar frosting, but darker, richer, more complex and awesome). Fusion baking for the win. Spread the word, invite your friends!

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