Guess what Kavi wants to…

Guess what Kavi wants to be for Halloween? A ghost! I feel like I just won the parenting lottery. Bedsheet with two holes cut out, here I come!

She would like us all to be Halloween-themed; Anand wants to be a pumpkin, which is funny, because I think that was his costume as an infant four years ago. I suspect he no longer fits in it, though. She wants me to be a witch, which I am good with. But what will Kevin be? I'm voting for mummy -- it would be fun to wrap him up in strips of ragged fabric...

(I'd say zombie, but the kids are still young enough to be scared by genuinely scary / gross stuff, and it's no fun being a zombie if you can't go hyper-realistic with it.)

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  1. Couldn’t Kevin be a vampire? That’s not tremendously scary. If the kids flip out, tell them he is a vegetarian vampire.

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