Feeling hectic, need a…

Feeling hectic, need a to-do list:

  • print and deliver Anand's last-minute birthday invites -- DONE
  • review new SLF grant description -- DONE
  • plan food for Anand's party tomorrow -- DONE
  • finish ASAM web updates -- DONE
  • clean house -- DONE

  • order Karina's belated birthday present
  • finish putting in bulbs in front yard
  • dig up poisonous pokeweed
  • clean and spray paint chandelier
  • drop off clothes for Parenthesis sale
  • Home Depot: mulch, buy hooks for chandelier and hummingbird feeder
  • hang chandelier and feeder

  • grocery shop
  • take Kavi to eye doctor @ 2
  • get balloons (Kavya desperately wants to make Anand a balloon forest like I did for her 5th birthday) and party supplies
  • assemble goody bags
  • straighten up backyard
  • 6 p.m. -- go to classroom orientation at preschool
  • after Anand goes to bed, set up balloons with Kavi


  • decorate
  • set up Angry Bird stuffed animals and cardboard boxes/blocks in backyard
  • cook
  • party!


  • bulbs in back yard
  • draft ASAM Powerpoint slideshow
  • finish other ASAM updates
  • write Illinois Arts Council final report (due Monday)
  • draft SF anthology proposal

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