Went to Critical Ethnic…

Went to Critical Ethnic Studies Conference panel; was very theory-heavy, and I admit, made my head hurt. I can do theory, when I must, but it is not my first love. But I think I must have absorbed something, because then I went directly to a coffeeshop, got chai and an apple fritter, and drafted an 1100-word essay in less than an hour. I'm not sure yet if it'll work for a Jaggery first editorial; am going to see what Minal thinks, since she's editing it for me. But I'm just happy to get some writing done -- September has been so busy that I've had hardly any time to write. This little window was lovely, so thank you, conference, for any part you played in that spate of writing. Though it might be just as easily attributed to all the sugar I just consumed; I really didn't need that apple fritter. I think I was seduced by the word 'apple' of which there was precious little in actuality. When I am tired (Anand kept waking up last night because of the ferocious and awesome thunderstorms, and therefore waking ME up), I make poor food choices -- oof, now my head hurts. But I need to walk up to the evening plenary, on activism in Chicago, so perhaps that will help clear my head of all the sugar. What? It makes sense in my head. Leave me alone. #excited #writerly #oversugared #bleary

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