I am feeling crotchety….

I am feeling crotchety. Yesterday, we were supposed to finally get a couch delivered for the library, between 4 - 9 p.m. At 10 p.m., I gave up and went to sleep, utterly exhausted. Woke up at 4, still annoyed about the couch. I would call and yell at someone, but no one is there yet and also, I am terrible at yelling, so it would actually be a polite inquiry as to whether, perhaps, their driver was carried off by a velociraptor or had to rush off to save a busload of school kids or some other such actually acceptable excuse.

Also, the only milk I have for my tea is this organic stuff that you have to shake up before using and even then it leaves a film of what looks like oil across the top of your tea and is thinner than normal, making the tea, to my taste, less satisfying. If you can't have decent tea in the morning, why even bother waking up?

Plan for today: do all the things! Okay, not really. But urgent things include: get Lee Moyer the stuff he needs for the calendar, finalize acknowledgements on The Stars Change and get them to Cecilia Tan, do website updates for ASAM and ASST, make up and print two quizzes for my classes for Thursday, write up assignment sheet for mini-paper for next Tuesday. Those all HAVE to get done. Roshani wants me to go to the gym with her, which would undoubtedly be good for me, and I want to order bulbs for spring, which could totally wait days if not weeks, but you know that's actually what I'm going to do first.

Maybe perusing bulb catalogs and debating the merits of snowdrops vs. scilla (oh, c'mon, you know I'm actually going to get both) will soften my mood. It's totally reasonable to spend ALL of September's discretionary income on bulbs for next spring, right? Thank you. I thought you'd agree.

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