Had an idea for a short…

Had an idea for a short piece that kind of scares me to write. Which reminds me a) that it's been a while since I wrote something that actually scared me, and b) usually, that's some of my best writing.

Not always, necessarily. But still. A bit of edge is generally good for the work. Dorothy Allison said in an essay once that the best writing comes when the writer is terrified. Hm.

For example, "Silence and the Word" was so nerve-wracking to write that my hands turned to ice while I was typing; I was glad Kevin was working in the coffeeshop with me because I kept having to get up and walk around the wintry park to shake off my nerves, so I could come back and keep typing. He guarded my laptop while I was gone.

What do you write that scares you?

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